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Business Registration

August 05, 2022

BGC & CO CPAS has officialy joined OneSMP LPP

OneSMP LPP is pleased to announce that BGC & CO CPAS. has joined the progressive ASEAN collaboration network of independent accounting , consulting and legal firms.

One of the other aspects of business registration in the Philippines is the establishment of a physical office. Aside from our legal, accounting, and business services, we also work with our sister company, Keystone Property, as our realty partner, in setting-up our clients’ offices. Together, we can short list requirements, source out office spaces, equipment and office furniture.

As with all services in the BGC Company, the first step is often a consultation with our business consultants and account managers to understand the needs of each client. When we have identified each company’s specific needs, we then provide realistic options based on the timeline and budget. The management then decides on the course to take, and a project manager is put in charge to coordinate all the services together, providing clients with seamless turnkey office solutions.

Whether a large international company or a small local business, BGC’s company registration and office setup services can save your company’s time and money, so you can direct your focus on the business.


• Initial Consultation
• Preparation of documents and legal requirements;
• Facilitation of virtual or short-term office space for initial setup;
• Coordination with real estate brokers to locate permanent office;
• Supervision of actual setup of office space through licensed partners;
• Procurement of IT equipment;
• Facilitating necessary fit-outs for the office space.

Each client’s office setup is approached as a unique project, with needs varying from business to business, depending on the specified goals. And whatever the requirements, BGC can make your company’s office setup as quick and easy as possible.